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SWEAT journal TyMilford-REMhoodie-800x533 Time for Fitness| Rachel Elizabeth

One of the number one reasons people give as to why they cannot begin their journey to fitness is because they have too little time! Well according to Rachel Elizabeth that is no longer a valid excuse. Rachel is a fitness industry pro and she is here to offer a little advice for those seeking to make a lifestyle change, yet just don’t seem to have the time to. Check out Rachel’s tips to fitting fitness into your busy lifestyle.

First of all, you have to plan for success, purposefully — make your goal a SMART goal, get professional guidance, and tell people about it, for accountability and support. But after that, unless you’re set on training for a marathon or Ironman (a goal that requires hours upon hours of endurance practice), or professional bodybuilding (a goal that requires extra training volume, and slower harder sets with extra rest time between them) there are many training protocols and methods to suit almost any other fitness goal that can be done efficiently and still be effective.

For example, depending on intensity and level of exertion, HIIT circuits are a great way to get stronger and burn body fat in in very little time (10-30 min max), all while increasing you’re resting metabolic rate for up to 48 hours post workout! Read: harder work NOW means more calories burned longer, even while binging Netflix.

  1. The advice would depend on the person (can vary greatly based on their personal motivations, history, limiting factors, lifestyle, mental/emotional health, etc.), but generally, I’d encourage them to remember their “why”. Why are you making time to work out? What is the reason? If the reason isn’t motivating enough, I’d encourage them to find a reason that is personally motivating and remind themselves of that daily (post-it’s, alerts, notifications, wall-art, photos, etc.). This is because mindset changes everything. You must decide to change before you can commit to change, and you must commit to change before you begin the process, because it will get difficult. You have to be ready for obstacles and want to change badly enough to push through even when they do. Change always requires challenge.
  2. Planning and preparing. If you have a plan of action, the tools for the journey, and your environment is primed for success (20%), then the work (80%) will seem much easier, and the goal so much more achievable.
  3. I need of a bit of inspiration? Check out Rachel’s “Real Talk with Rach” video on the topic “Fitness is Not The Answer” 

“I hope that I can help you see your value as innate, not to be earn; I hope I can help you see that while fitness and health are vital to your quality of life, they can’t save you like I used to think they could; and I hope that I can help you better understand, through basic fitness and nutrition education and a little personal responsibility, how simple taking care of yourself really is.”

–Rachel Elizabeth