Segmented Workouts


SWEAT by SlimClip Case flat,1000x1000,075,f Segmented Workouts  Everyone’s body has different needs; therefore starting to journey to fitness can leave you with so many open choices. Cardio, power-lifting, yoga; there’s so many different routes you can go. Many fitness professionals suggest breaking down your workouts into different body segments. One day you may work out your legs; others you may work on core. Check out some of these body segmented workouts suggested by the many fitness enthusiast we interview!

Segmented Workouts

Fitness entertainment industry expert Rachel Elizabeth suggests this leg day workout

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Fitness model and competitor Carissa Johnson suggests this back and core workout

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Fitness blogger and Youtuber Autumn Dickens suggests this workout to target the glutes

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Lastly, Athletic trainer Rich Stead suggest this short work out that will let you feel the burn everywhere

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