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Let’s take things back to those good ol’ college years. That’s probably the time in your life where you picked up some of the worst habits; long nights of partying, early mornings of cramming, and maybe a few hours of sleep in between. Let’s not forget the countless nights with fast food or what seems to be the universal college meal of choice, top ramen.  And I’m sure most of us can recall finding that one dreamy individual around campus that you’d do anything for just to get them to notice you. Well let’s just say that college wasn’t any different for personal trainer, Corey Calliet either. However, it was the girl of his dreams that inspired him to find the path that he’s currently on.

Corey had the typical college experience just like the rest of us. Health and fitness definitely wasn’t at the top of his list starting out. It wasn’t until he met the girl of his dreams that he decided it was time for a lifestyle change. “What lit the fire for me to start my fitness journey was not the typical way you hear of nowadays. You know…the constant battle of the bulge. No. For me it was because of a woman I met when I was back in college. A woman that became the mother of my daughter, so what kick started my fitness journey was vanity and I am completely okay with that,” Corey admits. And of course, there’s nothing wrong with that. Look how far it has gotten him now!

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Corey Calliet is currently one of the best trainers in the entertainment industry. Corey is definitely a top dog, working with some of the top people in the industry and he specializes in body transformations. His most notable transformation?  How’s Michael B Jordan’s body for his star role in creed as a resume booster!

Known as “The Calliet Way,” Corey’s training style is intense and produces amazing results. He’s not one to let you slack and will give you all the proper tools to transform your body any way you would like. With his combinations of athletic training and body building, Corey is in high demand in the entertainment industry especially to those looking to fulfill physically demanding roles. “Seeing my client’s results is the most rewarding aspect of my career.  I really love seeing the changes made to their bodies and the mental toughness they developed as a result of working with me. It always pleases me to see a client that use to walk in with their head down now walking confidently with their head held high. It was also rewarding to see my name on the big screen. Being in a theatre and seeing my name in the credits for Fantastic Four and Creed was the most riveting experience I’ve had thus far,” Corey says.


Corey didn’t always strive to get to the career he has now. In fact, Corey’s previous career path wasn’t very similar at all! “Leaving the comfort of a 9-5 job at the post office was the biggest obstacle I have ever had to overcome. Diving in with both feet was a little bit terrifying, but I knew I had to do it or I never would. I believed in my abilities and ignored that negative chatter in my mind asking, “Am I even going to get paid for this?”” Corey explains. The risk certainly paid off!

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Revenge Body

One of the many opportunities that have derived from Corey jumping into the fitness industry was the chance to be a part of the show “Revenge Body.” “I heard about Revenge Body from the casting company. They reached out to my Assistant to have me come in for interview. I had an interview with the head producer for the show and we had an instant connection. He loved my work and what I stood for. He provided me the opportunity to join the show right on the spot,” Corey says.

With an opportunity like that, Corey couldn’t turn it down. Not only did the show give him a great opportunity to advance his career, it also gave him the opportunity to really change someone’s life. “My favorite part about filming was the finale segment with Dexter Holman (Corey’s contestant). Seeing his entire transformation was incredible! He couldn’t do field drills when he started without throwing up. To see him transform into a totally different person, able to stand proud in front of his father was truly a bittersweet moment for me,” Corey elaborates.


Corey has already built an amazing career, but this is only the beginning. “I see myself becoming household name by working with major production companies, creating content that is deemed as inspiring and motivational TV. One of the things many of my clients say they love about training with me is the mental aspect they acquire through the conversations we share. They all walk away thinking better about who they are and confident to chase their dreams. I want to bring that same element to TV viewers all over the world. I want to inspire them that they can be, do, become anything they want to. Also in 10 years, I see my brand having a top apparel line. It is currently in the works and will be launched very soon,” Corey projects.

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What advice would you give to a young person today who wanted to ditch a sedentary lifestyle and become more fit and healthy?

I would tell them to go research and learn as much as you can. Find the joy in being fit and tie yourself to activities that you enjoy.

Where should they focus most of their energy to get the most bang for their proverbial buck?

Invest in a good trainer that is affordable. It is an investment that will lead to a better version of you.

Why do you think a person’s mindset is so integral to their success?

Everything in life is mental. In order to be successful, you must first create what success looks like to you in your mind and develop the mental toughness to chase after your success despite potential roadblocks. It is so easy give up, even if it is something that you really want. You control your mindset and if you build a strong one, you will be able to conquer it all.

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