Mind Over Matter

Sometimes we forget that fitness is not only about physical transformation. It’s mental as well. In fact if you want to see and maintain any results, you have to start with the mind. Your mentality is the foundation of fitness for so many reason. The mind is where you first create your fitness goals. Your  mind is gives you the drive to execute those goals.

And your mind is what will get stronger each and everyday that you work

towards achieving the lifestyle that you want.


Don’t believe me? Well, check out what these 5 fitness experts have to say when it comes to how important the mind is!


I think a person’s mindset is so integral to their success because everything is based in a positive mentality. If from the start you have a negative mentality and you think that the things you want to accomplish are impossible or hard to achieve then you can’t even make a plan to get started on it. One of the principal things i like to consider is that each person should believe in themselves, sometimes you have to leave aside comments from others and be able to focus and believe in yourself.  -Jennifer GalSWEAT by SlimClip Case 27581670_457801687951315_1754845928302313472_n.jpg?se=7&ig_cache_key=MTcxMzE1OTk0MDI3NjY2NTExNw%3D%3D Mind Over Matter


The mind comes first then the body. -Laura BerensSWEAT by SlimClip Case 1635671838116625000-800x533 Mind Over Matter


Well, it’s easy to just action, but a mindset focused on constant reflection, dedication, focus, and determination is guaranteed to not only see success, but will allow for maintenance and longevity.  -Tameka GentlesSWEAT by SlimClip Case 1646796061865648134 Mind Over Matter


A person’s mindset can make or break them, and can decide whether they are successful in their pursuits or not. Henry Ford once said “Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t, you are right”. Our success depends on what we think we can accomplish. If we don’t even think we can succeed, we’ve lost the battle already. -Sarah Jane ParkerSWEAT by SlimClip Case Sarah-2-800x1000 Mind Over Matter


Your mindset is what gives you the edge to succeed. Keeping an overall positive and improvement mindset will help you break through those tough days. It will also keep yourself u from getting to distracted or veering too far off course. If you understand on a deeper level the “WHY” behind your desire to accomplish your goals. -Amanda MeixnerSWEAT by SlimClip Case IMG_2983-800x1067 Mind Over Matter