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It’s not always the case that “once an athlete, always an athlete” but for many high level athletes the routine of staying active in rigorous physical training becomes a lifestyle habit that sticks.  I opened up talking to Holly Ringer about this, “I am a former pro athlete so training has always been a part of my life” Holly tells me,  “After my professional basketball career ended I was unsure what I wanted to do next. I had been in the gym my entire life so going into a career in fitness was a logical next step for me. It did not come as naturally to me as I thought it would. I had always been the player, never the coach.”

“After many years of trial and error I decided to try teaching indoor cycling” Holly smiles, “This was the first time that I felt like a point guard again, and felt the same passion that I felt as an athlete. From that point forward I focused on group fitness and it’s been a source of happiness and joy for me ever since.”

I started my fitness career as a trainer in New York city” Holly tells me.  And if you’re not aware of the crazy competitive market of trainers in NYC, then I’m here to tell you!  (There are a ton of trainers in New York City!)  “There are literally thousands of trainers and I feel like I have made a name for myself. This has required a ton of dedication, perseverance and passion.  It’s cool though because I’d already learned so much about those traits from a  life of playing professional basketball at 5’4. That was a 10 year journey that required the same type of dedication, perseverance and passion.”

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Rewards of the Fitness Journey

“It’s the little things that are the most rewarding for me. It’s the joy I see in someone’s face when they accomplish a big goal. It’s the confidence a girl walks out of class with. It’s the transformations that occur when people change their body and ultimately change their life. It’s the friendships that I have made along the way that are not the cornerstone of my career and life.”

Workout New York

I had to ask how Holly’s participation in the Bravo show ‘Workout New York’ came about.  “It was pretty much being in the right place at the right time. A casting director contacted me, told me about the show, and after shooting a couple pilots, I found myself filming a TV show. Yes. A TV show had been a goal of mine. In fact, I was a finalist to replace Jillian Michaels on the Biggest Loser in 2013. I was devastated when I did not get that role. I would love to be on a TV show again, it’s a big goal of mine. I love being able to share my gifts with as many people as possible.”

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On Wellness

“Wellness is not just about your body.  It affects every single part of your life.  When you think about it that way why would you live your life any other way but healthy?  Living a healthy life will give you more energy, make you a better brother, sister, mother or father.  It will help you get the job of your dreams.  It will help you make your biggest dreams come true.  When you look at wellness this way it’s a choice to make your entire life better.  Make that choice early in life and it becomes easier and easier throughout the years.”

I asked Holly what should a person really concentrate their energy on to get the most bang from their proverbial buck when it comes to health and wellness.  Her answer, “Two things: Be mindful of what you eat. Move your body often.”

Holly’s 80/20 Fitness Rule

“Just move. Be active. Sweat every day. The rest will fall into place.”

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The Fit & Healthy Mindset

“Everything starts with your mind.  Everything starts with your thoughts.  Your life is a reflection of what you are thinking on a daily basis.  No one thought that I would be able to play professional basketball at my height.  I did not care.  Every single day when I woke up there was one goal I had in mind: getting closer to my dreams.  I saw it so clearly that it felt like real life.  My thoughts became my reality.  Each and everyone of us has the power and the tools to do that same thing.”

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Holly Rilinger