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It’s almost laughable how we sometimes make it seem like you need that piece of equipment and need to join this newest trendy fitness gym.  Of course on the surface when you see extraordinary physiques and amazingly athletic bodies it seems only logical that in order to achieve these sort of extraordinary results, you’d probably have to go about spending extraordinary funds on specific equipment and/or special gym/s.  I mean, it does seem logical.

But then….

You see guys like Eduard Checo and his group of Barstarzz Calisthenic athletes and it up-ends everything you were thinking about needing to have specialized equipment and/or gym memberships to fancy gyms.  If you haven’t checked out some of the popular calisthenic athletes on Instagram, then I suggest you go take a peek at guys like Frank Medrano and Freddy Ping

When you see the physiques and athleticism they’ve built off of body weight movements, it blows your mind!

I sat down with Eduard Checo, the founder of Barstarzz, a calisthenics community teaching people how to be fit using their bodyweight and being creative with their body in the environment.  “I created the fitness movement known as Barstarzz” Eduard tells me with a smile, “Now, we inspire and teach people to use their body weight as their exercise machine.  We have been making regular internet content for this purpose since 2008.  While being featured in publications like Mens Health, Mens Fitness, Forbes, and the New York Post as the expert in the field.”

Eduard’s inspiration that led him to this fitness path started early, influenced by how he looked up to his older brother.  “My personal calisthenics journey started when I only 10 years old. I wanted to be like my older brother. He was huge and did a lot of push ups at home. Actually both my brothers at the time were really into working out. They would subscribe to all the magazines and even had a bench press in the house.”

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“As a kid though the only thing I felt comfortable with was push ups. I didn’t think I was strong enough to do anything else.  So every day I would crack out push up after push up. Inspired to be like my older brothers, I kept at it.  Eventually I learned about squats, crunches, and different kinds of push ups from people I was hanging around.

In my teen years is when I learned more about pull ups. I would do them in my closet on the clothes rack. I was a really small kid, always the shortest in my class. Working out made me feel more secure at a time where self confidence was so prevalent. As I got older I learned the more extreme stuff from watching one person doing a muscle up and thinking i need to to be able to do that myself!”

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Barstarzz is about teaching you to master your body with no limits. You can get big, strong, agile with nothing else but your body. We want to inspire you to get moving without having limitations on your creativity to workout.

We seen people learn brand new skills and teach them to really fall in love with fitness.

It’s hard to workout, if you love it you love it but a lot of people don’t and look at it as a chore. This makes it much harder to try and lose the weight or gain the muscle people might want. We integrate learning skills with your fitness goals so you are excited for each session. Each session you are not only getting lighter but you are teaching yourself a movement pattern that you probably never did in your life before.

We have great transformation stories from people who packed on tons of muscle from calisthenics to people who lost ton of weight from calisthenics.

Barstarzz was born from many of the Bar workout crews in new york. I wanted to create a crew that represented my neighborhood. I wanted to make videos on the internet and post it under this brand. I wanted to make it huge!

The Barstarzz Movie

The reference movie is kinda old. It came out at the time where dvds were popular. This movie we teach each workout step by step in tutorial format then give you workout routines you can use to reach your goal.

We now have a new workout program out called “Barstarzz BTX” which tells you exactly what you need to do day by day with bonus motivational videos, challenges, diet information, and exercise library.

This program was developed to give people a medium of losing fat while gaining muscle and learning new skills. This comes with a money back guarantee!

Calisthenic Equipment

I know we opened this story up talking all the things you don’t need to get strong and stay fit using your body weight but there are some pieces of equipment that is necessary to leverage your bodyweight in a way that maximizes your results.  I asked Eduard about this…

“The portable pull up bar I think is something everyone must get. This the most important thing in my lifetime I had with training. The availability to be able to practice throughout the day at your convenience is huge. We offer a recommended one on our website.

We manufacture resistance bands which is also a good tool to use to be able to scale your progressions. For example a pull up is too hard? Use a heavy band to help pick you up to the top. As you get stronger move on to a lighter band. Then keep going lighter until you can do it freely. Same goes with the more advanced moves as well. “

Success Stories

Lastly, because calisthenics looks a bit daunting for a beginner to take on as a primary fitness method, I asked Eduard to tell me about a memorable fitness success story.  He shared this one…

“It’s so tough I have so many of them. I think in general is the success of the culture. We were able to push a whole generation of people to be more aware of their bodies. We have influenced many others to implement are style of training to their systems, videos, and programs.

But here is also a good answer. Edrisse went from being a jogger to being a Barstarzz

SWEAT journal eduard-checo-barstarzz101 Eduard Checo | Work With What You Got

Eduard Checo