Mind Over Matter | Miranda Leigh

Mind Over Matter | Miranda Leigh

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“The way someone views life, their health specifically, will make or break them on their journey. You have to stay motivated and determined. You could be 10 min into cardio and choose step off the treadmill and go eat pizza with some friends instead. And in all honesty, it wouldn’t cause you to gain 10 lbs right away or significantly change the way you look or feel at that very moment. HOWEVER, if this lack of drive, motivation and determination becomes a habit for you, you WILL see those additional 10 lbs, you will see a change in your body and you will feel it.” –Miranda Leigh

The first steps of gaining health and fitness starts with your mindset. Many of us find that we want to be healthier, yet always come up with excuses as to why we can’t. Whether its lack of time, lack of money or simply lack of motivation, it becomes a habit. It is where we find our comfort zone and many of us are afraid to breakout. However, it is all just a mental block. You have to internally make the decision that you want better for yourself no matter what trials you face.  That’s the exact reason behind Miranda Leigh’s health career path.  She seeks to inspire others to find it within themselves to want to lead a healthier lifestyle and shows them the path to achieve their goals. “I currently work as both a personal trainer and nutritionist. I built my following on Instagram as I began modeling and from there decided to start my own business. With the creation of Bodi by Miranda, I work with clients all over the US (and world!) to create customized meal plans and fitness programs that fit their personal goals,” Miranda says.


Miranda wasn’t always into health and fitness. By her high school years she found herself overweight. And with a family history of health issues, this was not the route Miranda wanted to take. “My family has a long history of diet related illness. Most of my dad’s side of the family has type II diabetes and my mom developed a serious digestive disease when I was in high school. I was overweight at the time and at risk for these diseases and I decided the make a change. Along my own journey, I discovered my passion to help others in the nutrition and fitness field,” Miranda explains.

Afraid of ending up like many of her family members, Miranda decided to break out of her comfort zone and work to end this cycle. The fear of her family’s history gave her enough motivation to seek change in her own life and led her to career in which she could help others do the same.

“JUST DO IT! Seriously, I know people preach this all the time but the reality of it is, no one can ever force you to do something. This is your life…you have to make it happen! Thinking about it won’t do a thing!” –Miranda Leigh


Needless to say, Miranda is healthy as ever now and she looks amazing! Her lifestyle change actually launched her into a modeling career. With a beautiful body and a beautiful personality to match, Miranda gained a large following on Instagram. She sought that as an opportunity to really go out and make a difference.  That’s when she decided it was time to switch gears from modeling and move on to personal training.

Branching off into personal training wasn’t an overnight transition. It took a lot of planning and strategy on Miranda’s behalf. “I would say that my biggest business related obstacle has been trying to start a small business on my own form the ground up. I didn’t have the financial position to put a lot of money into the start of my business. There was no big marketing budget to get the name out there. Everything that I have created has been from word of mouth and my own marketing techniques. It hasn’t been easy and it still has its challenges but I am happy with the impact I’ve made thus far,” Miranda exclaims!


With all the risks, Miranda ultimately was able to make the impact that she sought after. She has been able to make a difference in the lives of many people all over the world. “Hands down, the positive feedback I get from clients after they have seen a change in themselves has been the most rewarding aspect of my business. Whether it be mentally, emotionally, physically…there is nothing better than receiving an email from a fan or client thanking me for the impact I have made on their life. It’s so rewarding,’ Miranda expresses.

“I can’t say there is one focus that will create the best results. A healthy lifestyle is a combination of being active and eating right amongst many other things.” Miranda Leigh

What three pieces of fitness equipment should everyone have?

I truly believe anyone can get a good workout without any equipment. Everyday body weight functional movements CAN be enough. But to take it to the next level I would say, a set of dumbbells, resistance bands and (nutritionist answer) lots of WATER!

In your opinion, what are the most overrated and underrated exercises?

The most underrated exercises in my opinion are glute activation exercises. I think both men and women neglect them when lifting lower body. They are so important to do before any lower body workout to make sure you get the most out of your lift! I don’t have a specific exercise I think is overrated  but I do think that sometimes people take cardio to the extreme when that extra effort could be geared toward strengthening various muscle groups and in the kitchen!

What motivational/inspirational books have you found to be most helpful?

One of my favorite books is 52 Ways To Live a Kick-Ass Life. I will admit that it is geared towards females although I do think that men can benefit from it just as much! There are 52 great chapters that share some really awesome life lessons and it has been very motivating.

What are your go-to snacks when you’re on the run?

Rice cakes and all natural peanut butter!

Miranda Leigh




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