Good Reads for Getting Fit | Gabriela Falcon

The power of reading goes a long way! So if you are looking to be inspired to make some lifestyle changes a good book will do the trick. Trainer and fitness enthusiast Gabriela Falcon has shared her go-to list when she is in need of a little inspiration. Check out these four book to help motivate you today!

The power of habit: This book goes in depth about the science of forming habits and making change. It offers two perspectives, the first being the habits we form in the business world and the second being the habits we form in everyday life. Gabriela recommends this book because if you want to be fit (and remain fit), you have to do more than just stick to your regimen for a day or a week or even a whole year. It has to become a habit in order to really make it a lifestyle change.

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The willpower instinct: Another huge part of fitness is learning self-control. This is the book to read to help you do so. This book explores the science of self-control and how self improves our health, happiness and overall productivity. Gabriela recommends this book because it was one of the books she used to help her remain disciplined throughout her journey of fitness. With practicing self-control she was able to stick to her regimen and make some major lifestyle changes.

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Influence: This book explore the ways in which people are influenced both positively and negatively. It explains how to take what people say to you and use it positively. This is one of Gabriela’s recommendations because it helps you determine who your real supporters are.It helps you take criticism constructively and use that as motivation to reach your goals. It also teaches you the proper language to use with yourself in order to induce self-motivation.

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The Chalene Show: Is a podcast and where Chalene Johnson shares her journey to fitness. Her podcast sort of incompasses aspects of all the books above plus more. It shows the interpersonal side of fitness and the fact that fitness should be fun and not just something you are doing because you feel you have to. Gabriela found this podcast to be truly inspiring and she loves the fact that it is interactive. Chalene encourages people to leave comments sharing their own story and how it relates to each week’s podcast.

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