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Dr. Jen Esquer is a physical therapist that has dedicated her life to making the lives of others much easier. She not only works with clients one on one but she has also launched an online platform to help people world-wide. “I am a Doctor of Physical Therapy working independently with clients in person and now affecting a lot more people worldwide through online programs.  I have stepped outside of the “traditional” physical therapy career to work with cash-based clients who are truly dedicated to dive in a do the work, as well as created mobility and training programs online that help people actually learn about their own bodies and relieve pain without even having to come see me,” Jen explains.


Going this route probably wasn’t always in the plan for Jen. While she had long decided that she would go into physical therapy, most people don’t take the non traditional route of treating people on their own. However, in the midst of finishing up her schooling, Jen came across an eye-opener. “In my third year of PT school, I met a chiropractor who was treating clients on her own, at their homes, not going through insurance and treating clients as I would as a physical therapist. I was intrigued and inspired to know there was more out there than working at a private practice or in a hospital. Then, once I graduated and my social media continued to grow through educating people on their bodies rather than just fitness, I realized I could actually help people more than a 1 minute video on Instagram. I met others in the online space and became inspired to release my first program online. My first launch was massive and it was a huge indicator that this was a serious need that was not yet in the fitness space,” Jen says.

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Of course, doing things this way does not make the journey any easier per say. It comes with it’s own set of obstacle that Jen had to power through. “After nearly 9 years of college obtaining my doctor of physical therapy degree, I knew nothing about actual online marketing. Yes, I had a massive social media following, but that all happened through passion and natural growth (nothing I actually studied for). Once I realized I wanted to launch an online program, I began attending conferences and reaching out to friends I knew in the space to get help and ask questions. I’m grateful to have many supportive friends that do not mind sharing their time and knowledge to help me get started,” Jen shares.


All in all, completing her goals of establishing her own way of doing things came with many benefits. First in foremost, Jen gains satisfaction simply from being able to help others overcome their pain in a way that doesn’t require them to see her. It reminds me of the old saying, “If you feed a man a fish, he eats for a day. But if you teach a man to fish, he eats for a lifetime.” “Knowing that I am helping people relieve pain without having to see them or work on them! Knowing that people must be taking the initiative into their own hands to address their limitations and work into their restrictions on a daily basis to relieve pain… without me doing a thing,” Jen exclaims!

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What research / science is behind what you do?

I obtained my doctor of physical therapy degree to have a solid baseline on how to diagnose pain and deficiencies in the body. From there, I have sought out mentors and continue taking courses to learn. I am always learning.

What makes your method/s uniquely effective?

I believe because I have such a high education behind me, I provide knowledge about pain that most fitness professionals cannot (nor should) address. I am also not educating on how to lose weight, get skinny or lose fat. I am purely keeping my programs addressing pain, preventing injury and optimizing movement to live longer 🙂

Who responds best to your method/s?

Anyone! I have people from young 20’s to upper 60’s in my programs! Active to introductory fitness levels. My goal is just to be able to help people move and help them move longer.

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