Use Plyometrics training to increase your Athletic Potential (without making it too complicated)

Daniel Back with Jump Science (which is sort of a misnomer b/c his site & YouTube channel are just as much about explosive athletic speed as it is about jumping; I do digress) preaches the gospel of building your explosive athleticism with power lifts, olympic lifts, and hard core plyometrics.

Just because the plyometrics are “Hard Core” (my words) doesn’t mean that they all have to be super complicated or even difficult to execute and stay consistent with.


The plyometric movements that Daniel shows how to perform here illustrate how you can use really simple movements to increase your performance if you do them correctly and consistently.

Plyometric ankle bounces are a supplement to weighted calf raises intended to increase ankle flexion – extension power and explosiveness

Depth Jumps are a supplement to weighted squats, deadlifts, and olympic weight cleans & snatches intended to decrease the time to recruitment of
Squat Jumps are very similar in execution and purpose as depth jumps and intended to recruit muscles quickly with less impact than depth jumps which require a LOT more muscle recruitment
Rebound Jumps are very similar to ankle bounces but adding some extra weight for added muscle recruitment

If your intention is to increase your athletic performance, whether that is to jump higher, run faster, or both – definitely give these movements and other plyometric workouts a go. If you do them right and do them consistently, you’ll definitely see a difference in your performance 😉💯