Fit Kim | Kim Olsen

Fit Kim | Kim Olsen

In the world of fitness, you name it and Kim Olsen does it. Nutrition consultant, personal trainer, author and blogger, Kim has her hands in every aspect of fitness. Yet, she is a mother above anything else. She specializes in helping the super busy mom be healthy. It’s her passion to help others find their path to nutrition, just as she did.


Kim’s journey started after her college years. She found herself up 40lbs from the weight she had begun college with. Not only did she feel overweight, but she also became sickly. It was then that she became motivated to try to figure out a path to nutrition and fitness that would work for her. One of the most important aspects to starting this journey for Kim was finding something that she would be able to stick to. “If you don’t make the commitment to make this a permanent, lasting change, then when challenges or obstacles come along, you won’t stick with it and will go back to old patterns. You have to have a why to keep you going,” Kim says.

Sharing her Journey

As Kim began to see results, she felt driven to help other people. She began one-on-one consultations. “Consulting one-on-one is very gratifying and I still do it to this day, but I knew it my heart I wanted to serve more people. In 2011, I started FitKim as a way to put myself out there and be super real with people about what it takes to be healthy and fit! Over the years, many followers kept asking me exactly what I ate every day and what was my workout schedule, etc. Eventually I decided to put it all down on paper in one place, along with 30 of my favorite recipes. The best part about The FitKim Lifestyle is it really is all about the basics of healthy eating and being active. It really cuts through all the clutter that is out there today.” 

Obstacles and rewards

Along with sharing her journey has come many obstacles and rewards. Some of the obstacles Kim has come across include time management and budgeting. “Finding the time to meal plan, prep, workout, etc. is very difficult, especially when you have a young family like I do. And let’s face it-eating organic unprocessed food is more expensive. I’ve been able to overcome this by making a commitment to make it a priority and sacrifice other time suckers such as television. I didn’t even know all of the Kardashian sisters’ names until my last maternity leave. For the money aspect, I view the additional grocery expense as an investment in my families health and offset it by not eating out at restaurants,” Kim says. While you come across obstacles no matter what you do, Kim finds first hand that the rewards make it all worthwhile. “The most rewarding part of my journey was when one of my followers emailed me and said her young daughter loves to watch my YouTube videos. She asked if FitKim would eat what she was eating. How cool is that?!” Kim expresses.

What’s your daily schedule like? How do you make time for exercise and health eating?

There are two routines I’ve developed over the years that has truly kept me on track no matter what my schedule looks like.
First, I always plan my meals for the week, grocery shop, and prep what I can on Sundays. We never scramble throughout the week with an empty fridge or barren pantry.
Also, I have a rule that everything is prepped for the next day before my head hits the pillow. Sometimes I’m up pretty late making smoothies, but I can honestly tell you it is the most important tip I have for making this an integral part of your life.

How often would you say you exercise, and what do these workouts normally entail?

I exercise five to six times per week and the types of workouts have changed over the years because I went through two back-to-back pregnancies. I’m in the rebuilding stage right now so I currently kickbox once a week, do two full body intense HIIT workouts, spin weekly, push the girls in a double jogger on the weekends and then try to squeeze in one Yoga class if possible.

What are you go-to exercises when you’re in a bit of a time crunch?

I’ll do a super intense high intensity interval training (HIIT) workout that is anywhere between 15-20 minutes in length. Studies show that this can be even more beneficial than a steady state workout that is twice as long.

Kim Olsen