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SWEAT Magazine motivates, visually stimulates, educates, & entertains – all while keeping you on track to your fitness, health, & performance goals.

We want to reward you for increasing our visibility.  That’s what

LAUNCH is all about.


You share SWEAT Magazine links and earn points for sharing. The points add up to earn real rewards, like theWTFactory products, T-shirts, Sweatshirts, etc…. (more rewards will be added over time, so you will always have a reason to collect more points).  Earn even more points when anyone signs up for SWEAT with your personal social, web, or email link. It’s super easy, it’s fun to collect points, and earn real rewards too!


On top of that, you’re sharing something that you know you enjoy.  If you find SWEAT to be cool, then your friends and followers will too.


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