Glorious Glutes | Ashley Reaves

Glorious Glutes

One of today’s biggest fitness trends is the 30-day squat challenge. Every woman wants to get those glutes lift ed and tight. However, in the opinions of many people in the fitness industry, squats aren’t the only go-to exercise to help you get the results . Personal trainer and fitness enthusiast Ashley Reaves offers a new workout regimen that will surely help you perfect your glutes.

“I don’t really think there are a lot of truly overrated exercises. However, it annoys me that people think you only have to do squats to get a big butt. Squats are a great exercise, but deadlifts, ESPECIALLY for women, are extremely underrated. Deadlifts have helped me really develop my glutes and I think people forget how awesome they are. Plus there are many other options,” Ashley exclaims!

Checkout this workout routine that you can add to your gym routine and get firm, tight glutes!

Glorious Glutes

First step: 3-4 sets of heavy deadlifts

Second step : 3-4 sets of heavy hip thrusts

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Third Step : 3-4 sets of glute pressdown

3-4 sets kickbacks

SWEAT journal 2-800x450 Glorious Glutes | Ashley Reaves

3-4 sets hamstring curl

3-4 sets calf raises

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