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Fit Tips

SWEAT journal 2016-07-25-Isa-Libro-347-800x502 Fit Tips | Isabel del Barrio Isabel Del barrio has covered just about every aspect of the fitness industry that you can imagine. She has had the opportunity to learn so much and loves to share her knowledge with others. She has many tips for anyone looking to get fit and stay healthy. Check out this list of quick tips that she says will help anyone achieve their fitness goals!

Fit Tips

First of all, you have to do what you really feel inside. Pay attention to your body as a whole. We must train the body as we must train our mind too. Health is a state of mind too. Movement is part of being human. The better you move, the better the quality of your live. Movement through sports is the perfect way to achieve so many processes, improve our creativity, improve our organism functions, getting confidence and also knowing more about ourselves, our limits and behaviors.

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I always say to my clients that we must set a strong commitment with ourselves, then, everything will run more easily. The energy comes from their passion and their goals. You must set an attainable goal, and then go for it step by step. (Note: being patient is a must)


Starting something new is always the hardest part for sure. That´s why making an investment in ourselves, just starting with changing some daily habits by 20 %, will give us a huge reward. For beginners, some changes such as moving at least 30-60 min daily, walk more instead taking the car, starting the day with a complete and healthy breakfast, or getting 30 more minutes of sleep, can make a huge difference in their lives and health.

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Everything starts with an internal process, a strong mentality and strong values. Sports and fitness give us life values and improve ourselves, making us better people. From my point of view, being loyal to your personal values will make you happier, even if the path is more difficult, or even if the “rules” says otherwise. In sports, as in our daily lives, strong mind gives us more confidence and empower to achieve our goals and face problems with positivism and common sense.


We must train our mind first and fuel it constantly, also learning to be flexible but firm. And We must train our mind as we train our body. Finally, We must fuel it with good vibes and positivism. We must read and keep learning to have a good perspective.