Celena Kinsley’s Inspiration

Celena Kinsey is all for using health and fitness to promote positivity into your life. She uses her own experience with using fitness to manage anxiety as an inspiration for others. While many people look up to her, Celena has many people that also inspire her. Here is here list of amazing women on instagram that she goes to for motivation:


@gofitjo : “this mom of two is one of the most inspirational women I know, who constantly blows me away with her posts. She’s one of the realest people I’ve seen on social media and her page is just so incredible.”SWEAT journal pic Celena Kinsley's Inspiration

@sportysleek & @seasthesquats :” these two are both DC girl and are always so positive and spend time making everyone on social media feel amazing. They’ve both been with me throughout my journey and have had amazing progress on their own journeys as well”SWEAT journal pic4-800x999 Celena Kinsley's Inspiration

@paosfitworld : “I love that she always shows her workouts and she genuinely just wants everyone to be successful and confident with their bodies” says Celena Kinsey SWEAT journal pic2-800x999 Celena Kinsley's Inspiration

@sneakers_sara : “She also shows her workout videos and is such a ray of inspiration. Her progress is so phenomenal and I have thoroughly enjoyed following along her journey.”SWEAT journal pic3 Celena Kinsley's Inspiration

@mysweatlife :” I mean this momma is beautiful inside and out, and has one of the most infectious personalities. She’s someone who has such a positive message and celebrates looking and feeling strong versus skinny.”SWEAT journal pic1 Celena Kinsley's Inspiration

Lastly Celena’s biggest inspiration is @tkd_mamma & @hemiforte (aka her very own parents)- “they’re my biggest support and I have to show them some love for always believing in me and for supporting any dream that comes into my mind.”  SWEAT journal pic5-800x800 Celena Kinsley's Inspiration